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HumHub is an Open Source Enterprise Social Network. Easy to install, intuitive to use and extendable with countless freely available modules.

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HumHub - Putting People and Pieces together

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HumHub is an intuitive to use and modular designed open-source software, used primarily as social network, knowledge database, intranet or information and communication platform.

The software is written in PHP and is best described by dividing into 4 main parts: User, Spaces, Content and Modules.

  • User: All users have their own customisable profile (including name, profile picture, cover photo and personal information) and can follow and interact with each other. If wished and enabled, users can create own content, comment posts and join Spaces. Profile fields, permissions and all settings can be defined individually by the network operator (administrator).

  • Spaces: Rooms or groups for any projects, departments, events or other needs. Network operators can create as many Spaces as needed and automatically map users into the desired Spaces. HumHub comes with an advanced permission and notification system (including email summaries).

  • Content: Users can create content of all kinds (posts, wiki pages, photo/video, schedule appointments, create events or tasks) depending on their permission and share it with other members in their Space. There is a multi-level comment function, versatile collaboration options and also features to report inappropriate posts and content. All Content, Spaces and Members can be easily found through various and individually definable filter and search functions, Content can be edited, deleted and archived.

  • Modules: The main software is designed in a modular way and can be extended by approximately 80 modules. These can easily be added to by installation and activation. This gives operators the possibility to set up and configure the network according to their needs and individual wishes. Among the modules are Advanced LDAP, RESTful API, Mass User Import, Calendar, Wiki, OnlyOffice, JWT SSO, Legal Tools, Translation Manager, Custom Themes and Custom Pages, Tasks, Gallery, News, Polls and Mail for Direct Messages.

With HumHub, we help people around the world to connect, stay informed, display and share content of various kinds, exchange files and communicate and collaborate with each other.

The software is responsive designed and works great on different devices, including smartphones and tablets. HumHub is available in over 30 languages and is used in over 4,500 organizations worldwide.

More information about HumHub can be found here:

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