Hugo Dream Plus Versions Save

:rainbow: An upgraded version of the Hugo "Dream" theme with tons of new features.


4 years ago
  • Hugo Image processing implemented
  • A more organised config format
  • License feature added
  • Hugo Page Bundles implemented
  • Taxonomies generalized
  • Bumped jQuery and Semantic UI versions up
  • Increased i18n usage
  • Deprecated frontmatter card cover support. Cover now fetched from images resources of the bundle.
  • A bit of code refactoring and some other minor improvements.


This release involves major changes in the way config variables are called. Some other variables have also been deprecation. Therefore read the README to find out what has changed.


4 years ago
  • Bugfixes
  • External CSS/JS now internet fetchable
  • Removed unnecessary partials
  • Formatted code
  • Some minor improvements


4 years ago
  • Renamed /content/post to /content/posts
  • Improved pagination
  • External highlight.css feature added
  • Statically coloured tags(removed JS)
  • Added multiple example configs for card/post views
  • RSS button
  • Improved code and various other minor fixes.


5 years ago
  • Disqus images not displaying;
  • Categories not displaying more than one;
  • Other minor fixes.


5 years ago
  • Cards alignment fixed;
  • Excess width removed;
  • Various other fixes.


5 years ago
  • Cards revamped;
  • Implemented Hugo syntax highlighting;
  • Disqus comment count;
  • Anchored headers using AnchorJS;
  • Easy YouTube embedding using Hugo shortcodes;
  • More responsive;
  • CSS compatibility increased;
  • Diverse fonts;
  • Improved page loading;
  • Switched to rem for font-size;
  • Improved background script, and various other minor additions.


5 years ago
  • About header appearance;
  • 404 Error Page appearance.


5 years ago
  • Accordion effect within header;
  • Some appearance modifications;
  • Cleaned and formatted code;


5 years ago
  • Various minor bug fixes.


5 years ago
  • Bumped up Semantic UI and jQuery versions;
  • Implemented sidebar;
  • Fixed multiple scrolls;
  • Cleaned and formatted code;
  • Fixed CSS flip issues;
  • Icon modifications, and other minor fixes.