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Hufilter - The Hungarian Adblock Filter List.

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The Hungarian Adblock Filter List

Supported Adblockers:

AdGuard | uBlock Origin | Adblock Plus | AdBlocker Ultimate | AdBlock

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Hufilter developer documentation

Please read this short documentation if you would like to contribute to the hufilter project! Thank you!

First of all, the project is being developed in this repository. The another repository, called hufilter, is only the result of the build process and its content are overwritten after each build.


Filter rule categories can be found in sections directory. Currently available filter categories:

Filename Description Syntax
ads.txt Filtering rules that blocks ads only. Adblock Plus syntax
trackers.txt Filtering rules that blocks trackers and analytics systems. Adblock Plus syntax
annoyances.txt Filtering rules that blocks annoying elements, such as cookie popups, intrusive notifications, recommendations, floating elements, etc. Adblock Plus syntax
antiadblock.txt Filtering rules that bypasses anti-adblock scripts, only if this can be solved with ABP capabilities. Adblock Plus syntax
selfpromo.txt Filtering rules that blocks self-promitions. Adblock Plus syntax
other.txt Anything that does not fall into the categories listed above. Adblock Plus syntax
abp-specific.txt ABP scriptlet rules. Adblock Plus syntax *
ublock-specific.txt Mixed rules that requires uBlock Origin capabilities. uBlock Origin syntax *
adguard-specific.txt Mixed rules that requires AdGuard capabilities. AdGuard syntax *

* Both of Adguard and uBlock Origin are able to interpret the syntax of Adblock Plus.


Useful links to documentations.

Build process

The build process is executed automatically if a push event is triggered in this repository.

We recommend using Visual Studio Code for development. Please install recommended extensions in order to work with syntax highlight.



The hufilter project is a community project, and it is maintained by volunteers. It is licensed under the "Creative Commons Attribution 4.0" license. This means that you can use the project for free, and you can also modify it. However, you must give credit to the original authors of the project. You can read the full license text here.

The project hufilter is distributed under the "Creative Commons Attribution 4.0" license. Contributors are licensing their work under the very same terms and conditions.

License: CC BY 4.0

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