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:satellite: Emitting psr-7 responses.

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Http Response Emitter

Emits a Response to the PHP Server API.

The available emitter implementations are.

- `Narrowspark\HttpEmitter\SapiEmitter`
- `Narrowspark\HttpEmitter\SapiStreamEmitter`.

Note: each use the native PHP functions header() and echo to emit the response.

Note: if headers have been sent, or the output buffer exists, and has a non-zero length, the emitters raise an exception, as mixed PSR-7 / output buffer content creates a blocking issue.

If you are emitting content via echo, print, var_dump, etc., or not catching PHP errors / exceptions, you will need to either fix your app to always work with a PSR-7 response. Or provide your own emitters that allow mixed output mechanisms.


composer require narrowspark/http-emitter


How to use the SapiEmitter:


use Narrowspark\HttpEmitter\SapiEmitter;

$response = new \Response();
$response->getBody()->write("some content\n");

$emitter = new SapiEmitter();

If you missing the Content-Length header you can use the \Narrowspark\HttpEmitter\Util\Util::injectContentLength static method.


use Narrowspark\HttpEmitter\Util;

$response = new \Response();

$response = Util::injectContentLength($response);


This library follows semantic versioning, and additions to the code ruleset are performed in major releases.


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If you would like to help take a look at the list of issues and check our Contributing guild.

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This package is licensed using the MIT License.

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