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UFO-based Python-powered font production toolkit

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WARNING: hTools2 is no longer maintained… hTools3 is coming soon!

hTools2 is a UFO-based Python-powered font-production toolkit.

It is built with RoboFab & vanilla for use with RoboFont.

Also available as a RoboFont Extension — easy install with just one click.


hTools2 is developed by Gustavo Ferreira (Hipertipo) with input from users and collaborators.

Special thanks to Frederik Berlaen for the many tips, comments and corrections.

RoboFont is developed by Frederik Berlaen (TypeMyType).

hTools2 (and RoboFont) are built with libraries by Erik van Blokland & Just van Rossum (LettError) and Tal Leming (TypeSupply).


Visit for the latest version of the documentation.

Development & Support

Work on hTools2 is generously supported by users and collaborators.

For bug reports, feature requests and related discussions, please use the hTools2 mailing list and the project’s Issues tracker.


Special thanks to the following designers/companies who have contributed funds to the project:

If you use hTools2 on a regular basis, please consider contributing back to the project.


Thanks to everyone else who contributed with ideas, comments, suggestions, bug reports, pull requests: Miguel Sousa, Mathieu Christe, Marcos Ojeda, Joancarles Casasín, Frank Grießhammer, Lukas Schneider, …



BSD 3-Clause License

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