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HTML5 Game Engines Book

This is the example source code from the book HTML5 Game Engines published by CRC Press.

Game engines featured in the book are:

All the engine are distributed with respect to their license. The ImpactJS engine is not distributed in its raw form. It can be purchased from the site listed earlier.

In addition to tutorials of each engine, various distribution techniques are discussed in the book. These project files are also available in this repository. The distribution projects are:

  • iOS (using Ejecta)
  • Android (using CocoonJS)
  • Mac native (using node-webkit with an DMG template)
  • Windows native (using node-webit and Inno Setup)
  • Facebook (using Heroku)

These engines are distributed with respect to their licenses.


sh git clone


Book is © CRC Press

Code is MIT License © Dan Nagle

Engines have their own licenses

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