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Eclipse Hono provides uniform (remote) service interfaces for connecting large numbers of IoT devices to a (cloud) back end. It specifically supports scalable and secure data ingestion (telemetry data) as well as command & control type message exchange patterns and provides interfaces for provisioning & managing device identity and access control rules.

Getting started

Please refer to the Getting Started guide on the project web site.

Running Hono

Eclipse Hono consists of multiple micro service components provided as container images. Please refer to the Admin Guide and User Guide sections on the project web site for details on how to configure and use these components.

Using Hono

Please take a look at the Developer Guide which provides examples of how clients can interact with Hono and how to create a custom protocol adapter.

Remote API

Applications can interact with Hono by means of Apache Kafka ™ or AMQP 1.0 based message exchanges. Please refer to the corresponding API documentation pages for details.

Get in Touch

Please check out the Eclipse Hono project home page for details regarding our Gitter channel and mailing list.

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