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This is markdown editor for Hexo.

Built with Electron.

Inherit Moeditor, I want to fix it appropriate to Hexo Blog!

if you have good ideas, please comment Here

if you have time, and interest, and energy, welcome join us !


  • HexoEditor
    • Hexo Post Preview same as in Browser
    • Hexo Tag/Filter/Renderer support
    • Use Hexo _config.yml support
    • Quick New Post in hexo source
    • Quick Modify File Name (In Hexo Post Edit)
    • Quick Deploy Post
    • Quick Hexo Command hexo d,hexo g,hexo s,hexo clean
    • Auto Change Image to Markdown
      • Support Drag Image
      • Support Paste Clipboard Image
    • Support Image Cloud (One Step Upload)
    • Quick Start (Common Directory, Common URL)
    • Scorll Together/None
  • HexoEditor (Inherit Moeditor)
    • GitHub Flavored Markdown
    • TeX math expressions
    • UML diagrams
    • Code highlight in editor
    • Read/Write/Preview mode
    • Custom font / line height / font size
    • Custom themes
    • Code highlight themes (powered by highlight.js)
    • Auto reload
    • Localization
    • Focus mode


HexoEditor Main

HexoEditor side

HexoEditor menu

HexoEditor About

Gif Screenshots

HexoEditor settings

HexoEditor tag

HexoEditor Mode

HexoEditor Upload Image

HexoEditor New Post

HexoEditor Hexo

Plan To Do

  • Add Toc
  • Add Hexo Title Header setting (100%)
  • Add Editor ShortCut
  • Add history files tree .....
  • Deploy Post
  • Add multi-editing in tabs


Key Method explanation
Tab tabAdd add indentation
Shift - Tab tabSubtract reduce indentation
Ctrl - B toggleBlod toggle blod
Ctrl - I toggleItalic toggle italic
Ctrl - D toggleDelete delete current line
Ctrl - ` toggleComment toggle comment
Ctrl - L toggleUnOrderedList toggle unordered list
Ctrl - Alt - L toggleOrderedList toggle ordered list
Ctrl - ] toggleHeader downgrade title
Ctrl - [ toggleUnHeader upgrade title
Ctrl - = toggleBlockquote add blockquote
Ctrl - - toggleUnBlockquote reduce blockquote
Ctrl - U drawLink add hyperlink
Ctrl - Alt - U drawImageLink add image
Ctrl - T drawTable(row col) add table(row column)
Ctrl - V pasteOriginContent paste origin content
Shift - Ctrl - V pasteContent auto paste content
Alt - F formatTables format tables
Ctrl - N new md document
Ctrl - H new hexo document
Ctrl - O open md document
Ctrl - S save md document
Shift - Ctrl - S save as
Alt - Ctrl - S open settings
Ctrl - W toggle write mode
Ctrl - P toggle preview mode
Ctrl - R toggle read mode
  • tip: In mac OS, plase replace Ctrl key with Cmd key.


//if use Windows:
npm config set prefix "C:/Program Files/nodejs/npm_global"
npm config set cache "C:/Program Files/nodejs/npm_cache" 

//if use Linux\Mac:
npm config set prefix "~/nodejs/npm_global"
npm config set cache "~/nodejs/npm_cache" 

//If In China, China, China, you can set mirror to speed up !
npm config set registry "https://registry.npm.taobao.org/"
npm config set electron_mirror "https://npm.taobao.org/mirrors/electron/"

git clone https://github.com/zhuzhuyule/HexoEditor.git
cd HexoEditor
npm install
npm start

This is Detail Method


There's three ways to open the Chromium Developer Tools.

  1. Add --debug to the command line args:
npm start -- --debug
  1. Ctrl + Shift + I in Linux / Windows or Command + Option + I in OS X / macOS to toggle devtools for a window.
  2. Set debug to true in the config. The config file is stored in ~/.config/configstore/HexoEditor.json (for every system).


HexoEditor will auto detect your system language and use the localization.

You can set language manually in the Settings window.

Now the app supports English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and incomplete Portuguese.

Help us if you can translate this app. Please follow the guide in app/moe-l10n.js.


HexoEditor itself is licensed under the GPL v3 license.

Some node modules are licensed under other free software license.

The Raleway font is licensed under the OFL open font license.


  1. modify codemirror file :

./node_modules/codemirror/lib/codemirror.js (line: 3104)

./node_modules/codemirror/src/display/selection.js (line: 56)

//var rightSide = Math.max(display.sizerWidth, displayWidth(cm) - display.sizer.offsetLeft) - padding.right;
var rightSide = display.lineDiv.offsetWidth - padding.right;


Hexo Help

QQ Group:

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  • QQID:602883087
  • PASS:HexoEditor
  • Data:2017-12-29
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