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A fully typed LMDB wrapper with minimum overhead

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A fully typed LMDB wrapper with minimum overhead, uses zerocopy internally.

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the opposite of heed

This library is able to serialize all kind of types, not just bytes slices, even Serde types are supported.

Example Usage

let env = EnvOpenOptions::new().open("target/heed.mdb")?;

// We open the default unamed database.
// Specifying the type of the newly created database.
// Here we specify that the key is an str and the value a simple integer.
let db: Database<Str, OwnedType<i32>> = env.create_database(None)?;

// We then open a write transaction and start writing into the database.
// All of those puts are type checked at compile time,
// therefore you cannot write an integer instead of a string.
let mut wtxn = env.write_txn()?;
db.put(&mut wtxn, "seven", &7)?;
db.put(&mut wtxn, "zero", &0)?;
db.put(&mut wtxn, "five", &5)?;
db.put(&mut wtxn, "three", &3)?;

// We open a read transaction to check if those values are available.
// When we read we also type check at compile time.
let rtxn = env.read_txn()?;

let ret = db.get(&rtxn, "zero")?;
assert_eq!(ret, Some(0));

let ret = db.get(&rtxn, "five")?;
assert_eq!(ret, Some(5));

You want to see more about all the possibilities? Go check out the examples.

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