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High Performance Game Framework

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Heaps is a cross platform graphics engine designed for high performance games. It's designed to leverage modern GPUs that are commonly available on desktop, mobile and consoles.

Heaps is currently working on:

  • HTML5 (requires WebGL)
  • Mobile (iOS, tvOS and Android)
  • Desktop with OpenGL (Win/Linux/OSX) or DirectX (Windows only)
  • Consoles (Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4, XBox One - requires being a registered developer)
  • Flash Stage3D


Ask questions or discuss on https://community.heaps.io

Chat on Discord https://discord.gg/sWCGm33 or Gitter https://gitter.im/heapsio/Lobby


In order to compile the samples, go to the samples directory and run haxe gen.hxml, this will generate a build directory containing project files for all samples.

To compile:

  • For JS/WebGL: run haxe [sample]_js.hxml, then open index.html to run
  • For HashLink: run haxe [sample]_hl.hxml then run hl <sample>.hl to run (will use SDL, replace -lib hlsdl by -lib hldx in hxml to use DirectX)
  • For Flash: run haxe [sample]_swf.hxml, then open <sample>.swf to run
  • For Consoles, contact us: [email protected]

Project files for Visual Studio Code are also generated.

Get started!

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