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A simple health assistant app built in Swift5 for iPhone ?

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A simple habit forming app build for iPhone in Swift 5 (iOS 11+) Already won the National Third Prize in Mobile Application Innovation Contest (This Project is designed to be used in China 4C Computer Competition)

Main features

  • Core Data
  • CoreML for ideal bedtime calculating
  • lauch animation
  • time arrange(self-setting)
  • set daily tasks
  • explanation for the detail
  • notes keeping
  • filters for sorting
  • different colors and flags
  • Add/delete/edit/complete task
  • dark mode
  • Notification support
  • Add/delete/edit/complete tasks


  • iOS 11.0+
  • Xcode 11.0+
  • Swift 5.0+

How to run

  1. Download the flie and run in Xcode


Improvements/To Do

  • watchOS complications + sync improvements
  • Reload notifications after user gave push permissions if initially declined
  • Model creation to help you build new habit
  • Widget building
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