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python program to record TV programs using your hdhomerun device. This should run on system capable of running python. In other words, no other dependencies other than python and apscheduler module.

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================== HDHOMERUN recorder


A python program to record TV programs using hdhomerun tuner device.
This should run on any system capable of running python and
hdhomerun_config binary program.

The hdhomerun tuner doesn't need much processing power for recording
a program. So this is mainly intended for embedded systems. I used it
on my WDTV Live media player. Now I use it on my pogoplug running
arch Linux.


1. Install python if you don't have it already
2. Install apscheduler from here. The old version of apscheduler has
    some issues, so be sure to install the latest V2 version.
3. Install this package.
   If you have "pip", do "pip install hdhomerun-recorder"
   If you have "easy_install". do "easy_install install hdhomerun-recorder"
   You can manually download the source from PyPI
   (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/hdhomerun-recorder), extract and
   then install it using: "python setup.cfg install"

4. Create config-file
   a) Run /usr/bin/hdhomerun_recorder_setup /etc/hdhomerun_recorder/config-file
  This will ask few question and write your tuner and channel
  mappings into /etc/hdhomerun_recorder/config-file file. This
  will take some time as it scans your local channels

  See /etc/hdhomerun_recorder/config-file.example to see how an
  example config file looks like. You may need to create one by
  hand if the above script fails to create one for any reason!
5. Edit schedule file
   See /etc/hdhomerun_recorder/schedule-file.example for details.
   You have given schedule-file location in the config-file. Edit
   that file with what and when you want to record etc.
6. Run /usr/bin/hdhomerun_recorder /etc/hdhomerun_recorder/config-file

7. Optional: See the logfile for information or errors.
8. Optional. I have included /etc/hdhomerun_recorder/hdhomerun_recorder.service
   file that can be used to automatically start the recording daemon
   on reboot.  You can stop, start and reload the daemon. The
   "reload" option is useful when you update schedule file and you
   want the daemon to use the changes. Of course, this only works if
   you have systemd based start up (latest Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch
   distros will have)!

   a) Install service
      cp /etc/hdhomerun_recorder/hdhomerun_recorder.service /etc/systemd/system/
   b) Enable the service
      systemctl enable hdhomerun_recorder.service
   c) Start the service now
      systemctl start hdhomerun_recorder.service

   Run "systemctl reload hdhomerun_recorder.service" whenever you change your schedule-file!
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