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A Virtual Desktop Assistant Written in Python

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Desktop Assistant

A Virtual Desktop Assistant Written in Python.
It's generally a basic virtual assistant
The basic purpose of this is to make work easier as it re-directs you to various main sites and performs various important functions for your PC as well just install it for your system and run it in your code editor or IDE. I will be soon updating it as an application for MacOS, Linux and Windows. Until then you can follow the Contributing Guidelines and Contribute into this Desktop Assistant.

Installing :

  • Clone the repo to make it available on your local system by using git clone <FORKED_REPO_URL>
  • cd into the project directory i.e - cd DesktopAssitant

Requirements for windows

Steps to run the Assistant on your pc (use python 3.9)

Installing all the necessary python module using

pip install -r requirements.txt

Dependency for Ubuntu

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install espeak
pip install -r ubuntu_requirements.txt

Wow All done! Now give the command to jarvis.


For windows user run


For ubuntu user run


Wow! all done and now give some voice command


Contributing Guidelines :

  • We are Open for Pull Requests
  • Please contribute and add value to the code
  • If you have some ideas for new features and you don't have time to implement them please open an issue with the tag new_feature.
  • Please don't forget to comment (document) your code!
  • Also If you feel like developing or working out on the Documentation section of this repository make sure to raise an issue regarding and i'll assign you that!
  • Before creating a Pull Request please go through the above guidelines and the code!
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