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Pose authoring using handtrackingon Quest

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This package uses Oculus Quest hand-tracking to control Oculus default rigged hands and use it to generate grab poses in an instant.

There is a full Unity Project to serve as a game-demo here


  • You need to download the Oculus Integration from the Asset Store, as this requires OVRSkeleton. I have tested it with Unity 2019.3LTS Unity 2020.3LTS and Oculus Integration up to 25.0.
  • You need to use Quest + Oculus Link in the editor to generate poses (but the generated poses will work in a build with either hands or controllers).
  • You can use it with either the old XR system and the new XR Management Plugin


Import this project as a .git package! Go to the Unity Package Manager, and in the ✚ icon select Add Package from Git Url... then in the box copy the address of this repo: https://github.com/MephestoKhaan/HandPosing.git Don't forget to import the Samples like the Oculus Integration (OVR) to start working with your Quest, or the Poses Gallery for the samples on how to use it.

You could also download the latest stable package in the releases section. But the method above is the preferred one.

Please refer to the Wiki for guidance. You can also find the full code documentation here

This is a work in progress, and things are subject to change. I hope it serves others either as a useful tool or at least as a starting point for their grabbing-interaction implementations. At this moment I won't be accepting Pull Requests but reach me in the issues if something is not right or have any feature in mind that you think is missing.

And please leave a star if this helped you, it truly helps keep the motivation going!

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