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Dexter HD/HDI

For older Dexter 1, see the Main files

Main website:

See the folders above for source documents on each part of Dexter, or browse the Wiki to learn how it works.

Build Summaries

Dexter HD:

  • Assembly pictures and videos and build notes
  • BOM (see the "Common" tab)
  • STL files and Update Note: The parts printed with continuous carbon fiber re-enforcement, e.g. printed on the Mark 2 rather than the Onyx One, have "CF" in their name)
  • Dexter HD Kinematic Model - Barebones Fusion 360 Model of Dexter HD. Can be exported as: Fusion 360 Archive, Inventor 2019, IGES, SAT, SMT, STEP, DWG, DXF, STL, FBX, SketchUp, OBJ.
  • Tool Interface - Fusion 360 model of tool interface that is compatible with Dexter 1, HD, and HDI. You can download files in multiple formats.

Dexter HDI:

  • Assembly, BOM, STL files not yet released
  • kinematic model/skin for simulation or printing skins for your unskinned HDI.

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