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Robotics tools in C++11. Implements soft real time arm drivers for Kuka LBR iiwa plus V-REP, ROS, Constrained Optimization based planning, Hand Eye Calibration and Inverse Kinematics integration.

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Generic Robotics Library

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The Generic Robotics Library (GRL) has a long term goal of implementing robotics algorithms using generic programming in C++11.

Currently GRL implements C++11 drivers for the new Kuka LBR iiwa arm and hardware integration with ROS and the V-REP robotics simulation software.

grl kuka control from linux over Java API demo

This demo video is of the KUKA iiwa robot following a path using GRL. What appears to be a "wobbling" motion is actually a highly precise pre-planned path consisting of tiny, nearly concentric circles relative to an object.

If you use GRL in research please consider providing a citation: DOI


Copyright (c) 2015-2016 Andrew Hundt

See COPYING file for license information.


See build and installation instructions given in the INSTALL file.


Documentation Website

See the software manual for details on the software including a demonstration of how to apply the software tools provided by this package.

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[config/] 3 Package configuration files.
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[doc/] 5 Documentation source files.
[example/] 6 Example files used for demonstration.
[include/] 7 Public header files.
[src/] 8 Source code files.
[test/] 9 Regression and unit tests.
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