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Helper library when using Gremlin.Net in conjunction with a Cosmos DB graph


4 years ago

Fix - Serialization of anonymous traversals (#16)


4 years ago
  • Improvements on Tree parsing
  • BREAKING CHANGE: IVertex and IEdge interfaces instead of abstract classes VertexBase and EdgeBase
  • New Feature - Property-level label support (See readme for examples)


4 years ago
  • Adding x-ms-retry-after-ms and x-ms-activity-id header values to graph results


4 years ago
  • New Feature - Updated to Gremlin.NET 3.4 RC2 to access and expose CosmosDb response headers (x-ms-status-code, x-ms-request-charge, x-ms-total-request-charge, etc.)
  • New Feature - Added basic support for Tree structures
  • New Feature - Added support for partition key usage via C# Tuples: g.V<NodeType>(("partitionKey", "id"))

A special thank you to @benjabobs for all your hard work!!!


4 years ago
  • Fix - Serialization of P predicates that contain multiple values #32.


4 years ago
  • Fix - Improving serialization for strings with double quotes and object value serialization - #29


4 years ago

I really screwed up the query serialization in this release. DO NOT USE

  • Fix - Serialization of the dollar sign ($) character - #23
  • Fix - Serialization of objects as values within a traversal step - #26
  • New Feature - GroovyString support, allowing groovy.lang.GString values not natively supported by C#


4 years ago
  • Fix - Typo in implementation of InV/Out traversal methods


4 years ago
  • Fix - Fixing serialization of Order enum


4 years ago
  • New Feature - Adding ToObject<T>() methods to edge and vertex