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GNU/Emacs mode that setup local playground for code snippets in Rust language.

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rust-playground MELPA Stable MELPA

GNU/Emacs mode that setup local playground for code snippets in Rust language. This is a port of go-playground adapted for Rust environment.


Install rust-playground from MELPA:

M-x package-install RET rust-playground

The mirror repository of the project: I really not think that this small project need the mirror but I just would like advertise a nice git hosting for FOSS. Try for your projects! :)

Example screen after creation of a new snippet:



Quick start

  1. From any mode run M-x rust-playground for start a new playground buffer filled with basic template for the package with main function (see the picture below).
  2. Add your code then press Ctl-Return (it bound to rust-playground-exec command). It will save, compile and exec the snippet code.
  3. When you played enough with this snippet just run M-x rust-playground-rm. It will remove the current snippet with its directory and all files.

List of interactive functions

Function name Description
rust-playground Create a new playground buffer with basic template for the package.
rust-playground-download [WIP] Download the snippet from the URL at
rust-playground-exec Save, compile and run the code of the snippet.
rust-playground-upload [WIP] Upload the buffer to and return the short URL.
rust-playground-rm Remove the snippet with its directory with all files.

Project status

The plugin is usable. I've stopped learning Rust yet so this Emacs plugin not very interesting for me. But I'll continue to maintain it and backport features from go-playground. Patches are welcomed!

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