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OmniGraffle export scripts

Created by David Faitelson [email protected] Modified by Douglas Creager [email protected]

This package provides command-line access to the export functionality of OmniGraffle. This allows you, for instance, to automatically generate the necessary EPS and PDF versions of an OmniGraffle figure for incorporating into an automatic build system for a LaTeX document.

The package consists of an AppleScript (graffle.scpt), which must be edited using Apple's Script Editor application, as it's stored in a binary format. This AppleScript contains the integration logic for communicating with OmniGraffle. As there are two versions of OmniGraffle available, standard and professional, it takes the application name as a command-line argument.

A shell script is provided for simplifying the command line interface. It will try to automatically determine which version of OmniGraffle you have installed; this will only work if OmniGraffle is installed into /Applications. If it is not, you can specify which version to use by setting the GRAFFLE_APP environment variable to either "OmniGraffle" or "OmniGraffle Professional".

The usage of the shell script is: []

Both filenames are mandatory. The format name is optional. The list of acceptable format names is not well-documented in the OmniGraffle reference. In OmniGraffle 4, it seems that you can certainly use the list of choices in the "Format" field of OmniGraffle's export dialog box (e.g., "PNG bitmap image"). Shortcuts also seem to work -- "pdf", "PDF", "eps", "EPS" have all been verified (under OmniGraffle 4.x) to produce correct output. Under OmniGraffle 5, several of these choices don't work — most notably, PDF.

If you leave out , then OmniGraffle will try to guess the correct output format based on the extension of . This seems to be more reliable than guessing which to use, and seems to work with both OmniGraffle 4 and 5.

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