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A not so active Minecraft (Bedrock Edition) server software written in Go

Project README

GoMine is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition server software written in Go.


GoMine is a fast multi-threaded Minecraft server software. It aims to provide a highly customizable API for plugin developers to use. GoMine aims to make the setup of a server very easy, (through an executable) with low compile times, and aims to make GoMine usable for other purposes than just a vanilla server.

Current State

GoMine is currently under heavy development and is not usable for production servers yet. It lacks many features which are yet to be implemented, and has (yet unknown) bugs that should be resolved.

Releases and Development Builds

Development builds of GoMine might be unstable and should be used with care. It is always recommended to run officially released versions of GoMine for production where possible, to ensure no nasty bugs appear. If you do decide to run a development version, be aware that bugs may occur. Don't hesitate to report those bugs.


GoMine aims to make the setup of a server very easily. The setup of GoMine can be explained in a couple steps. If you want to use an official release:

  1. Download the executable for your operating system from Releases and move it to your setup directory.
  2. Execute the executable to run the server.

If you would like to use a development version:

  1. Install Go > 1.9 from the official release page.
  2. To clone the repository, execute go get github.com/irmine/gomine.
  3. Compile GoMine by navigating into the irmine/gomine folder and executing go install.
  4. Navigate to the folder at GOBIN, and grab the executable.
  5. Move it to your setup folder and execute the executable.


Issues can be reported in the Issues tab. Please provide enough information for us to solve the problem. The more information you provide, the easier it makes it for us to fix your issue.


GoMine is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

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