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A Godot Engine addon/SDK to interface with Azure PlayFab - playfab.com

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godot-playfab - for Godot 4!

is an Azure PlayFab addon for the Godot Engine. While it is very early, it is supposed to be two things:

  1. A GDScript-native SDK to Azure PlayFab
  2. A Godot Editor integration to administer your game

Note: If you are looking for the Godot 3 version, you can use a legacy version of godot-playfab for Godot 3!


I wanted to create an opinionated, "natural" Godot integration/SDK. Anyone could use the C# SDK right now or use any SDK with GDExtension. But these SDKs are only generated SDKs, with a lot of duplicated models, which are nothing more than an API wrapper. However, I want it to feel natural to the environment of Godot.

So my plan is to not only create a GDScript-Native addon with more or less everything handcrafted, but also use Godot's Signals and also provide in-editor tools to work with Godot.

The overarching mission is: Providing a great Developer Experience!


I am proud to say that there are already some games using godot-playfab in production! If you want to be listed here, please let me know!

Need Help? Found a Bug? Have an idea for a feature?

Don't hesitate and join our Discord! Everyone is welcome and we're looking forward to hearing from you! Or create an issue directly in the repo. All your input is very much appreciated!



You can use the included Demo scene setup in Scenes to see how godot-playfab can be used.

First-Time Setup

See Initial Setup

Using godot-playfab in your Game

See Usage

Connecting Signals

See Connecting Signals

Usage Guide & Examples

See the User Documentation

Maintainer Documentation

See Maintainer Documentation.


Thanks to lentsius-bark for the wonderful re-design of the logo and splash screen ❤

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