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Tool to manage multiple git repositories

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Tool to manage multiple git repositories


  • Proper go installation with GOPATH set
  • git >= 1.8.5


go get -u github.com/abrochard/go-many-git
go install github.com/abrochard/go-many-git
echo 'alias gmg=$GOPATH/bin/go-many-git' >> ~/.bashrc


Usage: gmg [@tag] <comand> [<args>]

Go-many-git basic usage is to run a particular git command across multiple repos
For example, 'gmg pull' runs 'git pull' across all registered repos
By default 'gmg' alone runs 'git status'

Optionally, a repos can be identified by a shared tag (@example), making it possible to target a subset of repos
ie: `gmg @api pull` runs `git pull` on all repos tagged with `api`

Go-many-git accepts all git commands, but here are a few gmg specific commands:

   [@tag] register <path>    Add the repo in <path> to the list of repos, with an optional tag
   unregister <path>         Remove the repo in <path> from the list
   [@tag] b                  Shorthand to display the repos current branch
   list                      Print all registered repos
   help                      Print this help

Note that gmg writes its repo list to a config file located under ~/.config/gmg-repos.json


gmg is very inspired by the amazing mr and gr tools. A big thanks to them.

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