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A simple and light excel file reader to read a standard excel as a table faster | 一个轻量级的Excel数据读取库,用一种更`关系数据库`的方式解析Excel。


4 years ago
  1. Support read xlsx binary.

  1. 支持直接读取xlsx文件。


4 years ago
  1. Fix did not use title as key while using map.
  2. Use workbook rels file to detect sheet*.xml.

  1. 修复没正确使用title作为map的key的问题。
  2. 修复未正确解析rels文件以找到sheet*.xml的问题。


4 years ago
  1. support using int as sheetNamer to find the i'th sheet.

  1. 支持使用int类型作为sheetNamer,以便直接获取第i个表。


4 years ago
  1. Add GetTitles() to reader.

  1. Reader增加GetTitles()方法。