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Amazon Dynamo DB Mock Driver for Golang to Test Database Interactions

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Amazon Dynamo DB Mock Driver for Golang to Test Database Interactions


go get github.com/gusaul/go-dynamock

Examples Usage

Visit godoc for general examples and public api reference.

DynamoDB configuration

First of all, change the dynamodb configuration to use the dynamodb interface. see code below:

package main

import (

type MyDynamo struct {
    Db dynamodbiface.DynamoDBAPI

var Dyna *MyDynamo

func ConfigureDynamoDB() {
	Dyna = new(MyDynamo)
	awsSession, _ := session.NewSession(&aws.Config{Region: aws.String("ap-southeast-2")})
	svc := dynamodb.New(awsSession)
	Dyna.Db = dynamodbiface.DynamoDBAPI(svc)

the purpose of code above is to make your dynamoDB object can be mocked by dynamock through the dynamodbiface.

Something you may wanna test

package main

import (

func GetName(id string) (*string, error) {
	parameter := &dynamodb.GetItemInput{
		Key: map[string]*dynamodb.AttributeValue{
			"id": {
				N: aws.String(id),
		TableName: aws.String("employee"),

	response, err := Dyna.Db.GetItem(parameter)
	if err != nil {
		return nil, err

	name := response.Item["name"].S
	return name, nil

Test with DynaMock

package examples

import (

	dynamock "github.com/gusaul/go-dynamock"

var mock *dynamock.DynaMock

func init() {
	Dyna = new(MyDynamo)
	Dyna.Db, mock = dynamock.New()

func TestGetName(t *testing.T) {
	expectKey := map[string]*dynamodb.AttributeValue{
		"id": {
			N: aws.String("1"),

	expectedResult := aws.String("jaka")
	result := dynamodb.GetItemOutput{
		Item: map[string]*dynamodb.AttributeValue{
			"name": {
				S: expectedResult,

	//lets start dynamock in action

	actualResult, _ := GetName("1")
	if actualResult != expectedResult {
		t.Errorf("Test Fail")

if you just wanna expect the table


or maybe you didn't care with any arguments, you just need to determine the result


and you can do multiple expectations at once, then the expectation will be executed sequentially.


/* Result
the first call of GetItem will return resultOne
the second call of GetItem will return resultThree
and the only call of UpdateItem will return resultTwo */

Currently Supported Functions

CreateTable(*dynamodb.CreateTableInput) (*dynamodb.CreateTableOutput, error)
DescribeTable(*dynamodb.DescribeTableInput) (*dynamodb.DescribeTableOutput, error)
GetItem(*dynamodb.GetItemInput) (*dynamodb.GetItemOutput, error)
GetItemWithContext(aws.Context, *dynamodb.GetItemInput, ...request.Option) (*dynamodb.GetItemOutput, error)
PutItem(*dynamodb.PutItemInput) (*dynamodb.PutItemOutput, error)
PutItemWithContext(aws.Context, *dynamodb.PutItemInput, ...request.Option) (*dynamodb.PutItemOutput, error)
UpdateItem(*dynamodb.UpdateItemInput) (*dynamodb.UpdateItemOutput, error)
UpdateItemWithContext(aws.Context, *dynamodb.UpdateItemInput, ...request.Option) (*dynamodb.UpdateItemOutput, error)
DeleteItem(*dynamodb.DeleteItemInput) (*dynamodb.DeleteItemOutput, error)
DeleteItemWithContext(aws.Context, *dynamodb.DeleteItemInput, ...request.Option) (*dynamodb.DeleteItemOutput, error)
BatchGetItem(*dynamodb.BatchGetItemInput) (*dynamodb.BatchGetItemOutput, error)
BatchGetItemWithContext(aws.Context, *dynamodb.BatchGetItemInput, ...request.Option) (*dynamodb.BatchGetItemOutput, error)
BatchWriteItem(*dynamodb.BatchWriteItemInput) (*dynamodb.BatchWriteItemOutput, error)
BatchWriteItemWithContext(aws.Context, *dynamodb.BatchWriteItemInput, ...request.Option) (*dynamodb.BatchWriteItemOutput, error)
WaitUntilTableExists(*dynamodb.DescribeTableInput) error
Scan(input *dynamodb.ScanInput) (*dynamodb.ScanOutput, error)
ScanPages(input *ScanInput, fn func(*ScanOutput, bool) bool) error
ScanPagesWithContext(ctx aws.Context, input *ScanInput, fn func(*ScanOutput, bool) bool, opts ...request.Option) error
ScanWithContext(aws.Context, *dynamodb.ScanInput, ...request.Option) (*dynamodb.ScanOutput, error)
Query(input *dynamodb.QueryInput) (*dynamodb.QueryOutput, error)
QueryWithContext(aws.Context, *dynamodb.QueryInput, request.Option) (*dynamodb.QueryOutput, error)
QueryPages(*dynamodb.QueryInput, func(*dynamodb.QueryOutput, bool) bool) error
QueryPagesWithContext(aws.Context, *dynamodb.QueryInput, func(*dynamodb.QueryOutput, bool) bool, ...request.Option) error


Feel free to open a pull request. Note, if you wish to contribute an extension to public (exported methods or types) - please open an issue before, to discuss whether these changes can be accepted. All backward incompatible changes are and will be treated cautiously


The MIT License

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