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Size visualization of Go executables using D3

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Go executable size visualization using D3

This directory contains code and data to visualize the contents of Go binaries.

Example output


How to use

Apply tools in order (Python 3 required):

  1. go tool nm -size <binary file> | c++filt and redirect to some file, e.g. symtab.txt

    (provided with the Go toolchain.)

  2. python3 tab2pydic.py on the previously generated file, redirect to e.g. out.py

  3. python3 simplify.py on the previously generated file, redirect to data.js specifically

  4. python3 -m http.server

  5. open browser on http://localhost:8000/treemap_v3.html

Using Docker

For example:

docker run -v $GOPATH/bin/:/go/bin -p 8000:8000 odedp/go-binsize-viz -b /go/bin/dep

(Use -b to target the Go executable.)

Included example data using CockroachDB

  1. python3 -m http.server

  2. open browser on http://localhost:8000/cockroach_sizes.html

Origin of the D3 viz source code

This repo uses D3 visualization code inspired from / modifying the following sources:


The Python bits (and thus the Docker embedding) are licensed under the Affero GPL3. This requires derived software to also use AGPL3, and prevents network usage without distribution of source code.

The D3 / Javascript bits in app3.js (see previous section) are currently UNLICENSED. They cannot be reused in derived work or other applications without direct permission from the original author.

The files in the js subdirectory are imported from the D3.js project (https://d3js.org/) and are licensed under the terms of the 3-Clause BSD license.

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