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Set of plugins and improvements to make Gedit a powerfull programmer text editor

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This package contains some gedit improvements to make it more similar to TextMate. The package contain code snippets, plugins, and an automatic registration of rails-related files.

If you have issues with one of the plugins included in Gmate or have suggestions please fill an issue in



  1. Add Ubuntu on Rails PPA:

     sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-on-rails/ppa
     sudo apt-get update

    Note: on Karmic use add-apt-repository instead of apt-add-repository.

  2. Install gedit-gmate package:

     sudo apt-get install gedit-gmate

Other Linux

  1. Install all dependencies:

    • python-webkitgtk for Todo-List plugin and Find in Project plugin, see
    • python-sexy for Go to File plugin
    • pyinotify for Gedit Open Files and SnapOpen plugins.
    • ack-grep for faster search in Find in Project. (optional)

    Note: Dependencies have slightly different names in Fedora Linux (pywebkitgtk, python-sexy, python-inotify and ack).

  2. Download gmate sources or clone git repository:

     git clone git://
     cd gmate
  3. And run install script:


    Note: Some commands will expect you enter your sudo password.

GMate package include



  • Advanced Bookmarks. Highlight, remenber and toggle bookmarks in your files.
  • Align columns. Align text blocks into columns separated by pipe ( | )
  • Classbrowser. A Classbrowser (depends of ctags, I use exuberant-ctags).
  • Encoding. Reopen the document in a different encoding
  • Embedded Terminal. Terminal with multiple windows
  • File Search. This is a search plugin for Gedit to search for a text inside a directory.
  • Find in Project. Search in the project with ack/grep.
  • Fuzzy Open. Quick way to open file in project.
  • Gedit Open File. Regex based file open (like textmate Go to file…).
  • Gedit Todo. Find Todo Marks in source files (integrated with filebrowser).
  • Gemini. Pair complete for quotes and braces.
  • Highlight Edited Lines. Highlights lines changed during your edit session.
  • Indent Converter. Converts tabs to spaces and spaces to tabs.
  • Line Tools. comment toggle, duplicate, selection, add semi-colon.
  • Multi Edit. Check it out at author's page
  • Macropy. Record and execute macros.
  • Open URI Context Menu. Adds context menu item to open an URI at the pointer position.
  • Pair Character Completion. Pair complete for quotes and braces, that also wrap selected text.
  • Pastie. Paste a selection of code or a source file to directly from editor
  • Quickhighligthmode. Fast change current highlight mode.
  • Rails Extract Partial. Extract selected region of rhtml as a partial.
  • Rails Hotcommands. Execute Rails Commands (such rake tasks).
  • Rails Hotkeys. Navigation in Rails Project Files.
  • Regex Search Replace. Search and replace with regular expressions.
  • Reopen Tabs. Saves opened tabs on exit to restore them on next run.
  • Simple Folding. Collapse selected text.
  • Smart Indent. Smart Indentation regex based.
  • Tabulation. Auto set tabs and spaces based on file type.
  • TextMate Style Autocompletion. Better autocompletion. Tap Esc to cycle through the available completions.
  • Text Map. Navigatable thumbnail of the entire file
  • Text Tools. Some text manipulation improvements (adapted from line tools).
  • Trailsave. Remove trailing spaces before save a document.
  • Word Completion. Word completion plugin.
  • Zen Coding. Tools for faster HTML/CSS coding
  • Zoom. Adds the ability to change the text size.


**NOTE:** gedit3.8+, at least in Ubuntu expects python3 while earlier versions
did not. For now Python plugins that have been updated may not work in version
3.0-3.6. If you have a desire for backwards compatibility create an issue.
  • Advanced Find/Replace. Search and replace in all documents/tabs
  • Gemini. Pair complete for quotes and braces.
  • Line Tools. comment toggle, duplicate, selection, add semi-colon.
  • Simple Folding. Collapse selected text.
  • Snap Open. Opens files by regex
  • Zen Coding. Tools for faster HTML/CSS coding
  • And More...

Note: Multi Edit plugin is not enabled by default GMate installation.

Refer to each plugin source code and readme file to get information about specific plugin licensing and copyright.

Language Improvements and Mime Types

  • Basic YAML Syntax Highlight
  • CoffeeScript Syntax Highlight
  • ColdFusion Syntax Highlight
  • Cucumber Syntax Highlight
  • Groovy/Grails/Gradle improvements
  • HAML Syntax Highlight
  • Markdown Syntax Highlight
  • reStructuredText Syntax Highlight
  • rhtml/erb Syntax Highlight
  • Ruby on Rails improvements
  • SASS and Stylus Syntax Highlight
  • Jade and Eco templates Highlight


  • Active4d (Converted from Textmate)
  • All Hallow's Eve (Converted from Textmate)
  • Ambiance
  • Ambiance Dark
  • Amy (Converted from Textmate)
  • Argonaut (Converted from Textmate)
  • barf (Converted from Textmate)
  • BBEdit (Converted from Textmate)
  • Blackboard (Converted from Textmate)
  • Black Pearl (Converted from Textmate)
  • Black Pearl II (Converted from Textmate)
  • Blue Dream
  • Boys & Girls 0.1 (Converted from Textmate)
  • Briliance Black (Converted from Textmate)
  • Briliance Dull (Converted from Textmate)
  • Chela Light
  • choco (Converted from Textmate)
  • Classic Modified (Mac classic)
  • CodeZone (New!)
  • Cool Glow (Converted from Textmate)
  • Daltonism (Converted from Textmate)
  • Darkmacs
  • Darkmate
  • Desert
  • Dawn (Converted from Textmate)
  • Desert
  • Django (Converted from Textmate)
  • Django (Smoothy) (Converted from Textmate)
  • Dreamweaver
  • (ECLM) (Converted from Textmate)
  • Eiffel (Converted from Textmate)
  • Emacs
  • Emacs Dark (Converted from Textmate)
  • Emacs Strict (Converted from Textmate)
  • Expresso Libre (Converted from Textmate)
  • Fade to Grey (Converted from Textmate)
  • Flarp
  • Fluffy
  • ForLaTeX (Converted from Textmate)
  • Fruity
  • Github (Converted from Textmate)
  • GlitterBomb (Converted from Textmate)
  • IDLE (Converted from Textmate)
  • idleFingers (Converted from Textmate)
  • iLife 05 (Converted from Textmate)
  • iPlastic (Converted from Textmate)
  • IR_Black (Converted from Textmate)
  • Ironman
  • IR_White (Converted from Textmate)
  • Jellybeans (Converted from VIM)
  • Kate
  • LAZY (Converted from Textmate)
  • Lowlight (Converted from Textmate)
  • Mac Classic (Converted from Textmate)
  • MacMoose (Converted from Textmate)
  • MagicWB (Amiga) (Converted from Textmate)
  • Matrix (Converted from Textmate)
  • Merbivore (Converted from Textmate)
  • Merbivore Soft (Converted from Textmate)
  • Midnight (Converted from Textmate)
  • minimal Theme (Converted from Textmate)
  • monoindustrial (Converted from Textmate)
  • Monokai (Converted from Textmate)
  • Mustang (Converted from VIM)
  • Neopro (Converted from Textmate)
  • Notepad 2 (Converted from Textmate)
  • Overcast (Converted from Textmate)
  • Pastels on Dark (Converted from Textmate)
  • PlasticCodeWrap (Converted from Textmate)
  • Plum Dump (Converted from Textmate)
  • Railscasts (Converted from Textmate)
  • Railscasts Improved
  • RDark (Converted from Textmate)
  • Ruby Blue (Converted from Textmate)
  • Rubycius
  • RubyRobot (Converted from Textmate)
  • Ryan Light (Converted from Textmate)
  • Slate (Converted from Textmate)
  • Slush & Poppies (Converted from Textmate)
  • Slush and Poppies (Mod)
  • Smurfy (Converted from Textmate)
  • SpaceCadet (Converted from Textmate)
  • SpaceCadet Pro (Converted from Textmate)
  • Spetacular (Converted from Textmate)
  • Stoneship (Converted from Textmate)
  • Solarized
  • Sunburst (Converted from Textmate)
  • Swyphs II (Converted from Textmate)
  • Tango (Converted from Textmate)
  • Tek (Converted from Textmate)
  • Text Ex Machina (Converted from Textmate)
  • Textmate (mac classic) (Converted from Textmate)
  • Tinge
  • Tomorrow
  • Travis Jeffery (Converted from Textmate)
  • Twilight (Converted from Textmate)
  • Twilight Modified
  • Vibrant Fun
  • Vibrant Ink (Converted from Textmate)
  • Vibrant Nerd
  • Vitamins (Converted from VIM)
  • Warm Grey
  • Why's Poingnant (Converted from Textmate)
  • Wombat
  • Zenburn
  • Zenburnesque (Converted from Textmate)
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