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glot-www is the website hosted at Code are run through docker-run PostgreSQL is used as the datastore.

Environment variables

glot-www takes its configuration from environment variables. All vars need to be set, no default values are provided.

Variable name Allowed values Example Description
APPROOT url Base url to where the app is hosted
PORT 1-65535 3000 Listen port
PGHOST hostname Postgresql host
PGPORT 1-65535 5432 Postgresql port
PGUSER string glot Postgresql username
PGPASS string secret-password Postgresql password
PGDATABASE string glot Postgresql database name
DOCKER_RUN_BASE_URL url http://docker-server:8088 Url to docker-run
DOCKER_RUN_ACCESS_TOKEN string some-secret-token docker-run access token
DOCKER_RUN_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT integer 60 Seconds to wait for the response
MAILGUN_DOMAIN string Mailgun domain
MAILGUN_API_KEY string key-1234567890 Mailgun api key
ANALYTICS_ID string secret-id Google analytics id (optional)
DISABLE_ADS boolean true Disable ads (optional)

Compile from source

git clone [email protected]:glotcode/glot-www.git
cd glot-www
stack build

Develop with yesod-bin

git clone [email protected]:glotcode/glot-www.git
cd glot-www
stack build yesod-bin
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