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GLEW(, source updated nightly) with Cmake and pre-generated sources

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GLEW-cmake - nightly pre-generated snapshot with old unofficial cmake support

GLEW is upstream of this project. But GLEW repository does not contain generated sources. Only releases include generated sources.

GLEW-cmake has generated sources based on the latest GLEW. Sources are generated nightly. If you need only the latest snapshot of GLEW, try the build system of GLEW. It is placed under the build directory. Official CMakeLists.txt is placed in build/cmake. Please check for using build system of GLEW.

Also, GLEW-cmake has unofficial cmake support - It is created when the official CMake support of GLEW does not exist. You can see some CMake script examples in glew-cmake directory. But, I strongly recommend using official CMakeLists of GLEW.


This project provide libglew_static and libglew_shared library targets and glewinfo and visualinfo executable targets.

libglew_static provides a static library, and libglew_shared provides a shared library. glew-cmake does not affected by BUILD_SHARED_LIBS.

You can disable each library target by setting glew-cmake_BUILD_SHARED or glew-cmake_BUILD_STATIC falsy value (ex. NO, FALSE).

If you need only libraries, Please set ONLY_LIBS to ON. Otherwise, cmake generates executable targets also.

You can get pkg-config fils by setting PKG_CONFIG_REPRESENTATIVE_TARGET to libglew_static or libglew_shared.

Simply specify dependency of your target with libglew_static or libglew_shared by target_link_libraries. It will set the additional include directory & the libraries to link to your target.

If you are not familiar with cmake, Some sub-directory-test.cmake, fetch-content.cmake in glew-cmake could be helpful.

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