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golang gin with go-pg orm

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golang gin with go-pg orm

An example project that uses golang gin as webserver, and go-pg library for connecting with a PostgreSQL database.

Get started

# postgresql config
cp .env.sample .env
source .env
# get dependencies and run
go get -v ./...
go run .

Tests and coverage

Run all tests

go test -coverprofile c.out ./...
go tool cover -html=c.out

# or simply

Run only integration tests

go test -v -run Integration ./...

./test.sh -i

Run only unit tests

go test -v -short ./...

# without coverage
./test.sh -s
# with coverage
./test.sh -s -c

Schema migration and cli management commands

# create a new database based on config values in .env
go run . create_db

# create our database schema
go run . create_schema

# create our superadmin user, which is used to administer our API server
go run . create_superadmin

# schema migration and subcommands are available in the migrate subcommand
# go run . migrate [command]
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