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A neovim plugin for generating .gitignore files.

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A neovim plugin for generating .gitignore files in seconds, by allowing you to select from a huge number of different technologies.

This plugin is functionally identical to the service offered by, but capable of generating .gitignore files offline, and directly from within neovim.

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Installation & Dependency

gitignore.nvim depends on telescope.nvim, please install that plugin first!

After installing telescope.nvim, you can install gitignore.nvim like this:

Using vim-plug:

Plug 'wintermute-cell/gitignore.nvim'

Using dein:

call dein#add("wintermute-cell/gitignore.nvim")

Using packer.nvim:

     requires = {


This plugin ships with only one command which when run, it will create a buffer with the .gitignore contents:


The buffer will not save automatically, so there is no risk of overwriting an existing .gitignore.

Alternatively, you can use the corresponding lua function directly, for example to create a keymap:

local gitignore = require("gitignore")
vim.keymap.set("n", "<leader>gi", gitignore.generate)

Selecting multiple items

gitignore.nvim makes use of telescope.nvim's multi-selection keybinds. This means that by default, you can (de-)select multiple keywords with <Tab>, and confirm your selection with <CR> (Enter). In case of multiple selected keywords, the keyword highlighted you press <CR> on will not be added to the selection!

For convenience, when no multi-selection is made before pressing <CR>, <CR> will actually add the highlighted item to the selection, and create a .gitignore file for the single keyword.




Thanks to Toptal for providing a huge list of ignore-templates!

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