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Allows you to draw in your github heatmap

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Git Draw

Allows you to draw in your GitHub heatmap


Created by Ben Friedland -

This is a Chrome extension which will allow you to freely draw on your GitHub heatmap. You can then export your drawing to a script containing a git commit log. Once you've run and pushed this script to a new repository, your commit log will match the drawing you made.

Download the extension here:

Instructional Video

My Brother, Rich Friedland, made a comprehensive video on how to use the extension.

Why not a bookmarklet?

Because CSP. GitHub's CSP policy makes a bookmarklet next to impossible. There's a workaround involving injecting code into a canvas and then executing it from there, but that feels like something that'll be fixed. A Chrome extension makes it easier. Once you're done making your drawing, just uninstall the extension.


GitFiti: - got the idea from here, and poked around their src to see how they were writing commit messages.

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