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GINO Is Not ORM - a Python asyncio ORM on SQLAlchemy core.

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====== |GINO|

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GINO - GINO Is Not ORM - is a lightweight asynchronous ORM built on top of SQLAlchemy_ core for Python asyncio_. GINO 1.1 supports PostgreSQL_ with asyncpg_, and MySQL with aiomysql_.

  • Free software: BSD license
  • Requires: Python 3.6
  • GINO is developed proudly with |PyCharm|.

Home <>__


  • English_
  • Chinese_


.. code-block:: console

$ pip install gino


  • Robust SQLAlchemy-asyncpg bi-translator with no hard hack
  • Asynchronous SQLAlchemy-alike engine and connection
  • Asynchronous dialect API
  • Asynchronous-friendly CRUD objective models
  • Well-considered contextual connection and transaction management
  • Reusing native SQLAlchemy core to build queries with grammar sugars
  • Support SQLAlchemy ecosystem, e.g. Alembic_ for migration
  • Community support <>_ for Starlette_/FastAPI_, aiohttp_, Sanic_, Tornado_ and Quart_
  • Rich PostgreSQL JSONB support

.. _SQLAlchemy: .. _asyncpg: .. _PostgreSQL: .. _asyncio: .. _Alembic: .. _Sanic: .. _Tornado: .. _Quart: .. _English: .. _Chinese: .. _aiohttp: .. _Starlette: .. _FastAPI: .. _aiomysql: .. |PyCharm| image:: ./docs/images/pycharm.svg :height: 20px :target:

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