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An npm package that generates adjective-animal string combinations, like those seen in the URLs of

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DISCLAIMER: I am not associated with I just admire their url/id system, and decided to replicate its functionality in an npm package.

This repository generates animal/adjective string combinations, useful for creating memorable ID strings for whatever purpose you wish.

Simple usage:

generateCombination(numAdjectives, delimiter, capitalizeFirstLetter)

numAdjectives is the number of randomly generated adjectives you'd like the animal to be preceded by.

delimiter is a string to put between each randomly chosen word, like "_" or "-".

capitalizeFirstLetter is a boolean to capitalize the first letter of every adjective and animal (default: false).

generateCombination(2, "") -> curiousredCrow
generateCombination(4, "_") -> tranquil_sneaky_juicy_electric_Gerbil
generateCombination(3, "%", true) -> Sleepy%Smelly%Stinky%Skunk
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