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This website is the official website of Fossasia when it comes to geolocations. It finds geolocation for integration in multiple projects the community looks after. This is basically a mini-project of FOSSASIA.

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Repositories currently using geolocation

How to use geolocation for other projects

The website currently supports only the repository where you can add the geo coordinates for mentors and students, the members of FOSSASIA are free to supply any further integrations, check the code in the index.html and do the needy.

How to get geolocation

  • visit geolocation website
  • click "Get my geolocation" button
  • copy the coordinates and paste where wanted (you can add them directly to Mentors file [If you are a mentor] in supported repository by visiting link in the bottom


We follow a simple branch framework, currently the gh-pages branch that should'nt amaze you right?

Release History

  • 1.0
    • CHANGE: Project born
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