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🎨 GPT-4 for video generation ⚡️

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Generative Manim

Generative Manim

🎨 GPT-4 powered generative videos. Concept. ⚡️


🚀 Concept

Generative Manim is a prototype of a web app that uses GPT-4 to generate videos with Manim. The idea behind this project is taking advantage of the power of GPT-4 in programming, the understanding of human language and the animation capabilities of Manim to generate a tool that could be used by anyone to create videos. Regardless of their programming or video editing skills.

🛠 Core Development

Generative Manim is built with Streamlit. It uses OpenAI API to make requests to GPT-4 and GPT-3.5-turbo.


For more details, check out the How it works section.

📦 Installation

Once you have cloned the repository, you need to install streamlit and set OPENAI_API_KEY as an environment variable in your system.

To start the app, run:

streamlit run src/

🤲 Contributing

Generative Manim is an open source project.

If you want to be the author of a new feature, fix a bug or contribute with something new.

Fork the repository and make changes as you like. Pull requests are warmly welcome.

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