Gedit Plugin Markdown Preview Versions Save

A gedit plugin previewing markdown (.md) documents


1 year ago
  • Enable auto-reloading by default
  • Don't reload if the gedit view changes but not its content
  • Don't reload more than once every 300ms, thus hugely improving performance
  • The export dialog has been rewritten to be more intuitive to use


2 years ago

maybe it would be less ridiculous if there was at least one stable and usable release of this plugin? work-in-progress features have been removed so it looks simpler but more polished.

Surviving features include:

  • Previewing:
    • preview the currently edited Markdown file using python3-markdown;
    • or, preview the currently edited Markdown file using pandoc;
    • preview the currently edited HTML file.
  • Options:
    • select if you prefer to preview the file in the side or the bottom pane of Gedit;
    • only preview a portion of the file;
    • add CSS to your preview (markdown files only);
    • customize python3-markdown rendering with its various extensions of the markdown standard;
    • reload automatically the preview when the file is edited.
  • Export:
    • export the preview as HTML using python3-markdown;
    • export the preview as various file formats using pandoc;
    • add CSS to the exported file.