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Reflexion: Language Agents with Verbal Reinforcement Learning

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Reflexion: Language Agents with Verbal Reinforcement Learning

This repo holds the code, demos, and logs for Reflexion: Language Agents with Verbal Reinforcement Learning by Noah Shinn, Federico Cassano, Beck Labash, Ashwin Gopinath, Karthik Narasimhan, Shunyu Yao.

Reflexion RL diagram

Reflexion tasks

We release the LeetcodeHardGym here

To Run: reasoning (HotPotQA)

We provide a set of notebooks to easily run, explore, and interact with the results of the reasoning experiments. Each experiment consists of a random sample of 100 questions from the HotPotQA distractor dataset. Each question in the sample is attempted by an agent with a specific type and reflexion strategy.


To get started:

  1. Clone this repo and move to the HotPotQA directory:
git clone && cd ./hotpotqa_runs
  1. Install the module dependencies into your environment:
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Set OPENAI_API_KEY environment variable to your OpenAI API key:
export OPENAI_API_KEY=<your key>

Agent Types

Agent type is determined by the notebook you choose to run. The available agent types include:

  • ReAct - ReAct Agent

  • CoT_context - CoT Agent given supporting context about the question

  • CoT_no_context - CoT Agent given no supporting context about the question

The notebook for each agent type is located in the ./hotpot_runs/notebooks directory.

Reflexion Strategies

Each notebook allows you to specify the reflexion strategy to be used by the agents. The available reflexion strategies, which are defined in an Enum, include:

  • ReflexionStrategy.NONE - The agent is not given any information about its last attempt.

  • ReflexionStrategy.LAST_ATTEMPT - The agent is given its reasoning trace from its last attempt on the question as context.

  • ReflexionStrategy.REFLEXION - The agent is given its self-reflection on the last attempt as context.

  • ReflexionStrategy.LAST_ATTEMPT_AND_REFLEXION - The agent is given both its reasoning trace and self-reflection on the last attempt as context.

To Run: decision-making (AlfWorld)

Clone this repo and move to the AlfWorld directory

git clone && cd ./alfworld_runs

Specify the run parameters in ./ num_trials: number of iterative learning steps num_envs: number of task-environment pairs per trial run_name: the name for this run use_memory: use persisting memory to store self-reflections (turn off to run a baseline run) is_resume: use logging directory to resume a previous run resume_dir: the logging directory from which to resume the previous run start_trial_num: if resume run, then the trial number of which to start

Run the trial


The logs will be sent to ./root/<run_name>.

Another Note

Due to the nature of these experiments, it may not be feasible for individual developers to rerun the results as GPT-4 has limited access and significant API charges. All runs from the paper and additional results are logged in ./alfworld_runs/root for decision-making, ./hotpotqa_runs/root for reasoning, and ./programming_runs/root for programming

Other Notes

Check out the code for the original draft here

Read the original blog here

Check out an interesting type-inference implementation here: OpenTau

For all questions, contact [email protected]


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