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extract gait energy image feature from silhouette gait images, then using tree model to classify with these features

Project README

gait reconition by gait energy image

code running environment

language version: python 3.5 os system: Linux or Unix, test on OS X 10.11.5

python library dependency

  • scikit-learn==0.17.1

algorithm pipeline

do normalization and horizontal alignment to extracted silhouette sequences which are provided from CASIA Dataset B, more detail from the paper *(2005PAMI)The HumanID Gait Challenge Problem_Data Sets, Performance, and Analysis*

how to run

  1. update the file variable setting, casia_dataset_b_path
  2. run the script
  3. take a look at log file,, run tail -f

method detail

read more from paper *Individual Recognition Using Gait Energy Image*

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