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Set of tests for fuzzing engines

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:zap: NOTE: For most use cases, fuzzer-test-suite is superseded by FuzzBench. We recommend using FuzzBench for all future fuzzer benchmarking. FuzzBench is based on many of the same ideas as FTS, such as realistic benchmarks (it actually uses some benchmarks from FTS) but has many improvements such as a free service and a design that makes adding new fuzzers and new benchmarks easier.

This is a set of tests (benchmarks) for fuzzing engines (fuzzers).

The goal of this project is to have a set of fuzzing benchmarks derived from real-life libraries that have interesting bugs, hard-to-find code paths, or other challenges for bug finding tools.

The current version supports libFuzzer and AFL. In future versions we may support other fuzzing engines.

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See CONTRIBUTING first. If you want to add one more benchmark to the test suite, simply mimic one of the existing benchmarks and send the pull request.


This is not an official Google product.

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