Fulcro Inspect Versions Save

A tool for inspecting and debugging Fulcro applications during development.


1 year ago

Fixes a bug with db watch reloads.


1 year ago

This release fixes a bug that causes Inspect not to initialize due to badly encoded data in the local storage it uses to track db watches.


2 years ago

This version of inspect fixes the history slider and DOM preview, which did not get patched when we moved to the more efficient history tracking.


2 years ago

This version fixes the DOM preview and history navigation, which were not updated when we moved to the more efficient history tracking mechanism.

This is the release for the Chrome store.

You can install it via about:extensions by enabling developer mode, removing the store version, and pointing at this (unzipped) content.


2 years ago

Fixes bug with txn/net/send to EQL where data types were getting messed up.


2 years ago

To install this in Chrome:

  • Make an empty folder somewhere where you can leave the extension extracted (i.e. mkdir ~/inspect-chrome)
  • Unzip the file there (i.e. cd ~/inspect-chrome; unzip ~/Downloads/fulcro-inspect-chrome-3.0.3.zip)
  • Open Chrome and go to about:extensions. UNINSTALL the store version.
  • Turn on Developer Mode (toggle in upper corner)
  • Press the Load Unpacked, and point it to your directory (i.e. ~/inspect-chrome)

The new version of inspect will not work with Fulcro versions prior to 3.4, so you may want to leave your chrome extension on the old version, and use the Electron inspect via websockets for newer apps.


2 years ago

Another patch for the UNSUPPORTED VALUES problem.


2 years ago

Bug fix for UNSUPPORTED VALUE error in various tabs.


2 years ago

Fixes regression with display in network tab.


2 years ago

Patch to get tempids looking right.