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Mount Fuji Game Engine

Welcome to the Mount Fuji Game Engine project!

Mount Fuji is a highly portable game engine supporting modern platforms, and many home-brew console environments. It provides an extensive suite of API's and tools, and the architecture is carefully designed to be easily ported to virtually any target platforms with relatively little effort (possibly measurable in hours), while taking greate care not to compromise performance or efficiency in the process.

It is also carefully designed in such a way to make it easily accessible from any languages that can interface with native code. Fuji supplies comprehensive D language bindings, and I'm happy to support other languages upon request.

The Mount Fuji Engine is licensed under a dual-license model for commercial or non-commercial use. Refer to LICENSE.TXT for details.

The Mount Fuji Engine aims to offer open-source or home-brew developers a simple, flexible cross platform tool for use in personal and/or free projects. Fuji may also be of interest to developers new to console or embedded programming, or students interested in entering the games industry.

Fuji may also be used to release commercial/'closed' projects with permission from the developers. We will evaluate your project on a case-by-case basis to reach a fair agreement, which will most likely be very generous. We reserve this right to prevent an 'Angry Birds' case of exploit.

Fuji is looking for contributors, in particular, individuals interested in maintaining platforms. As cross platform support grows, I have a harder and harder time testing/maintaining them myself.

The Fuji documentation can be found at the website: http://fujiengine.org/docs


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