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Export any Node.js `fs`-like object as a FUSE filesystem

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Export any Node.js fs-like object as a FUSE filesystem

Node.js fs methods

The following fs methods' behavior directly maps to corresponding FUSE operations:

chmod, chown, fsync, ftruncate, link, mkdir, read, readdir, readlink, rename, rmdir, symlink, truncate, unlink, write

Other FUSE operations internally use the following fs methods:

FUSE op fs methods
wrapFd open, close
getattr, fgetattr stat, fstat, lstat
read createReadStream
write createWriteStream
release close
utimens futimes, utimes

Not all of these fs methods need to be implemented. For example, the file descriptor ones are not needed if their path based counterparts are implemented, and viceversa.

Non standard FUSE methods

If available on the fs object, the following FUSE compatible methods can be used too:

fuse_access, create, destroy, flush, fsyncdir, getxattr, init, listxattr, mknod, opendir, releasedir, removexattr, setxattr, statfs

Note that these are FUSE functions and need to have the EXACT signature and behaviour expected by FUSE, which is different from the Node.js fs API.

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