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A tool to update freenom's dns records

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Freenom dns updater

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A tool written in python to update freenom's dns records

Main Features

  • Manage (add/update/remove) a domain's dns record with cli
  • Automatic records updates according to ip (v4/v6) changes
  • Auto renew domains (thanks to Cedric Farinazzo)

Upcoming features

  • Password encryption


pip install freenom-dns-updater


Basic usage

Let's say you want to add or update your main A/AAAA domain records with your current ip (v4/v6). Simply type :

fdu record update $LOGIN $PASSWORD

Note that if you don't have a ipv6 access, the tool will detect that and will update only the A record (ipv4) of

In order to add or update the subdomain

fdu record update $LOGIN $PASSWORD -n sub

Advanced usage

If you want to update multiple (sub)domains you could call the tool for each domains. Even better, you can create a configuration file.
A configuration is a YAML file, which look like :

login: [email protected]
password: yourpassword

# list here the records you want to add/update
  # the following will update both the A and AAAA records with your current ips (v4 and v6).
  # Note that if you don't have a ipv6 connection, the program'll detect it and will only update the A record (ipv4)
  - domain:

  # the following will update both your subdomain's A and AAAA records with your current ips (v4 and v6)
  - domain:
    name: mysubdomain

  # here's more advanced exemples

  # the following will update the AAAA record with a specified ipv6
  - domain:
    name: # you can omit this line
    type: AAAA
    target: "fd2b:1c1b:3641:1cd8::" # note that you have to quote ipv6 addresses
    ttl: 24440

  # the following will update your subdomain's A record with your current ip (v4)
  - domain:
    name: mysubdomain
    type: A
    target: auto # you can omit this line

  # you can omit the record type and give only ipv4 or ipv6 addresses.
  - domain:
    name: ipv6sub
    target: "fd2b:1c1b:3641:1cd8::"

  - domain:
    name: ipv4sub
    target: ""

In order to use such configuration, you can use the following command :

fdu update /path/to/config

Where /path/to/config can be either:

  • A path to a file (default location is /etc/freenom.yml)
  • A http url (a raw secret gist for instance)


In order to launch regularly an update, you can launch the tool with :

fdu process -c -i -r -t 3600 /path/to/config

Where the params are :

param description
-c cache the ip and update only if there is any changes
-i ignore errors when updating
-r renew the domains
-t time (in second) to wait between two updates
/path/to/config a path or a url to a configuration file

Using systemd

For ease of use a systemd unit file is available along the source code.

  • Save your configuration into /etc/freenom.yml
  • Copy the systemd/system/freenom-dns-updater.service into a valid systemd unit folder (/usr/lib/systemd/system/ for instance).
  • finally enable the service using
systemctl enable freenom-dns-updater
systemctl start freenom-dns-updater

Using other Os / services manager

There's two straightforward choices :

  • Launch the previous fdu process command
  • Schedule the fdu update command using cron, windows' scheduled task, ...

Known issues

  • The website is not really stable (503/504 errors very often) => there's 3 retry on every request made by the tool but even with this it's common to face a remote server error

Docker image

If you want to run this tool in an "isolated" environment there's a docker image available at maxisoft/freenom-dns-updater


Note that if you want to use the ipv6 functionality, you have to enable the docker ipv6 stack


  • Update dns records using a gist config file :
docker run -it --rm maxisoft/freenom-dns-updater fdu update
  • Run the tool in a background docker with a local config file :
docker run -d --rm -v /path/to/config:/etc/freenom.yml maxisoft/freenom-dns-updater
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