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A module for Framer that lets you easily hook one property onto another via spring or gravity.

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Hook module for Framer

Spring example

The Hook module expands Framer's Layer prototype, and lets you make any numeric Layer property follow another property - either its own or another object's - via a spring or gravity attraction.

Enough chat. Examples:

Example 1: Easing + spring

Example 2: Modulation from one property type to another

Example 3: Gravity, too

The original use case was to layer a spring animation on top of an eased animation to give more control over the timing and feel of a transition, as seen in Example 1. You do not need two layers to achieve this though, as shown in the first code snippet below.

I'm not a developer nor a mathematician, so much of this is improvised, particularly the physics. Please do let me know, or create a pull request, if you have any suggestions for improvements.

For a more detailed documentation, check the comments at the top of

Example: Layered animation (eased + spring)

myLayer = new Layer

# Make our own custom property for the x property to follow
myLayer.easedX = 0

# Hook x to easedX via a spring
	property: "x"
	targetProperty: "easedX"
	type: "spring(150, 15)"

# Animate easedX
		easedX: 200
	time: 0.15
	curve: "cubic-bezier(0.2, 0, 0.4, 1)"

NOTE: To attach both the x and y position, use "pos", "midPos" or "maxPos" as the property/targetProperty.

Example: Hooking property to another layer

target = new Layer
hooked = new Layer

	property: "scale"
	to: target
	type: "spring(150, 15)"

The "hooked" layer's scale will now continuously follow the target layer's scale with a spring animation.

Example: Adding a modulator function

The modulator function allows you to do anything you want with the target property's value before it is applied. As a very basic example, let's say you want to convert one layer's y position into a corresponding scale value for another layer:

target = new Layer
hooked = new Layer

	property: "scale"
	to: target
	targetProperty: "y"
	type: "spring(200,20)"
	modulator: (input) -> Utils.modulate(input, [0, 400], [0.5, 1])


A more thorough documentation is included in the comments at the top of

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