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I have archived this repo as Font Awesome comes with SVGs now

Font Awesome SVGs

Doing a lot of prototyping in the past, having Font Awesome as part of my front end starter files was always really handy for quickly adding icons when I was building a UI.

Nowadays we are more aware that using a font to represent icons isn’t necessarily the most accessible thing to do for everyone, as Serend explains here.

So as I’m whipping up a website right at this moment I thought it a good opportunity to take the first steps to swap out the font for svgs. So…

Here’s a repo with font awesome icons as svgs

I forked the Font Awesome repo so I can keep it as up to date with the original as I can.

I added an SVG folder to add all the generated glyphs to.

I used font blast to generate SVGs from a font, a la Sara Soueidan mentions in her blog post here.

To include the SVG’s I used the CSS Inline SVG Sprites method, again described by Sara here. It seemed the easiest to integrate with the set up I already had, as I was using classes to add icons to elements.

The most long winded part was making sure I had all the correct icons - I think a good addition to this repo would be a generated spite sheet with stylesheet companion and easy reference classes. I’ve opened an issue ?


All Font Awesome licensing etc… still applies. Info etc… is in the origin readme here

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