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A Flutter plugin for displaying local notifications on Android, iOS, macOS and Linux

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Flutter Local Notifications plugin

This repository consists hosts the following packages

These can be found in the corresponding directories within the same name. Most developers are likely here as they are looking to use the flutter_local_notifications plugin. There is a readme file within each directory with more information.


If you run into bugs, please raise them on the GitHub repository. Please do not email them to me as GitHub is the appropriate place for them and allows for members of the community to answer questions, particularly if I miss the email. It would also be much appreciated if they could be limited to actual bugs or feature requests. If you're looking at how you could use the plugin to do a particular kind of notification, check the example app provides detailed code samples for each supported feature. Also try to check the README first in case you have missed something e.g. platform-specific setup.


The guidelines around submitting pull requests can be found here

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