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A platform adaptive Flutter app for desktop, mobile and web.

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Flutter Folio

A demo app showcasing how Flutter can deliver a great multi-platform experience, targeting iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux, and web. Built by gskinner in partnership with Google, Flutter Folio purposefully considers user expectations, input devices and idioms for each platform, ensuring it feels at home on every device.

In addition to forking and reviewing the MIT licensed code available here, you can check out more information on the Flutter Folio Showcase Website.

About gskinner

We exist to build innovative digital experiences for smart clients, and we love how easy Flutter makes that experience. Don't hesitate to stop by our site to learn more about what we do. We'd love to hear from you!

Demo Builds

To preview the app you can download from the app store on your device by visiting: https://flutter.gskinner.com/folio/#g-download


If you're new to Flutter the first thing you'll need is to follow the setup instructions.

Once Flutter is setup, you can use the latest stable channel:

  • Run flutter channel stable
  • Run flutter upgrade

Once you're on dev and desktop is enabled, you're ready to run the app:

  • flutter run -d windows
  • flutter run -d macos
  • flutter run -d linux
  • flutter run -d android
  • flutter run -d ios
  • flutter run -d web

If you re-start your IDE, you should also see a new launch option for your current desktop platform.

Client Keys

This repo includes a set of Keys for Cloudinary and Firebase that are on the free pricing plans. Depending on traffic, these may reach their limit. If that happens, you will need to provide your own keys in order to run the app locally, those can be found in AppKeys.dart. These limits should refresh each month, so your mileage will vary here.


This application is released under the MIT license. You can use the code for any purpose, including commercial projects.


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