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A collection of simple, bare-bones Flutter apps that each demonstrate a concept

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A collection of simple, bare-bones Flutter apps that each demonstrate a concept

The apps are slowly being updated to Dart 2; be sure to use the --preview-dart-2 flag when running/compiling these examples


  1. Hello World: one-line Flutter app Updated for Dart 2
  2. Material Navigation: two screen Flutter that demonstrates navigation using Material
    • (2.1) Routing with data: passing data between navigation routes
  3. TextField: example of a simple single-line text field and a multi-line text field with a submit button
  4. HTTP: fetching text and images over http
  5. Layouts: example widget Layouts
  6. Lists: example list view
    • (6.1) Dynamic lists: create a dynamic (infinite) list with dividers
  7. Stacks: how to render widgets at set positions in a stack
  8. Inherited Widgets: how to use inherited widgets to pass data down a widget tree
  9. i18n: simple example of i18n support in Flutter
  10. Driver Testing: a simple demonstration driver test
  11. JSON Parsing: parses a JSON network response
  12. Streams: handle state updates using streams
    • (12.1) StreamBuilder: handle state updates using StreamBuilder
    • (12.2) RxDart: handle state updates using StreamBuilder with Observables
    • (12.3) JSON with Streams: HTTP and JSON parsing using streams
  13. Bottom Nav Bar: Simple bottom nav bar implementation, using Stack and OffStage
  14. Custom Painter: implements a basic bar chart using a custom painter
  15. Tabs: tabbed pages demo

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