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1st prize method for CVPR2022 Workshop "Vision for All Seasons"

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🚀 Overview

Our target task is unsupervised domain adaptive segmentation, the dataset used is Cityscapes-to-ACDC, there are four domains in total (fog, snow, night, rain), each domain of ACDC has two files, for example, day and night images, they are roughly aligned one by one by GPS positioning.

Overview of our method:

Setup Environment

We recommend setting up a new virtual environment:

conda create -n flformer python==3.8.5

In that environment, the requirements can be installed with:

conda activate flformer
pip install -r requirements.txt -f https://download.pytorch.org/whl/torch_stable.html
pip install mmcv-full==1.3.7  # requires the other packages to be installed first

If problems occur with the automatic download of pretained model weights, please follow the instructions for a manual download within the script.

sh tools/download_checkpoints.sh

Inference Demo

Setup Datasets

Cityscapes: Please, download leftImg8bit_trainvaltest.zip and gt_trainvaltest.zip from here and extract them to data/cityscapes.

GTA: Please, download all image and label packages from here and extract them to data/gta.

Synthia: Please, download SYNTHIA-RAND-CITYSCAPES from here and extract it to data/synthia.

The final folder structure should look like this:

├── ...
├── data
│   ├── cityscapes
│   │   ├── leftImg8bit
│   │   │   ├── train
│   │   │   ├── val
│   │   ├── gtFine
│   │   │   ├── train
│   │   │   ├── val
│   ├── gta
│   │   ├── images
│   │   ├── labels
│   ├── synthia
│   │   ├── RGB
│   │   ├── GT
│   │   │   ├── LABELS
├── ...

Data Preprocessing: Finally, please run the following scripts to convert the label IDs to the train IDs and to generate the class index for RCS:

python tools/convert_datasets/gta.py data/gta --nproc 8
python tools/convert_datasets/cityscapes.py data/cityscapes --nproc 8
python tools/convert_datasets/synthia.py data/synthia/ --nproc 8


For the experiments in our paper (e.g. network architecture comparison, component ablations, ...), we use a system to automatically generate and train the configs:

python run_experiments.py --exp <ID>

More information about the available experiments and their assigned IDs, can be found in experiments.py. The generated configs will be stored in configs/generated/.

Testing & Predictions

The provided checkpoint trained on GTA->Cityscapes (already downloaded by tools/download_checkpoints.sh) can be tested on the Cityscapes validation set using:

sh test.sh work_dirs/211108_1622_gta2cs_flformer_s0_7f24c

The predictions are saved for inspection to work_dirs/211108_1622_gta2cs_flformer_s0_7f24c/preds and the mIoU of the model is printed to the console. The provided checkpoint should achieve 68.85 mIoU. Refer to the end of work_dirs/211108_1622_gta2cs_flformer_s0_7f24c/20211108_164105.log for more information such as the class-wise IoU.

Similarly, also other models can be tested after the training has finished:

sh test.sh path/to/checkpoint_directory

When evaluating a model trained on Synthia->Cityscapes, please note that the evaluation script calculates the mIoU for all 19 Cityscapes classes. However, Synthia contains only labels for 16 of these classes. Therefore, it is a common practice in UDA to report the mIoU for Synthia->Cityscapes only on these 16 classes. As the Iou for the 3 missing classes is 0, you can do the conversion mIoU16 = mIoU19 * 19 / 16.

Framework Structure

This project is based on mmsegmentation version 0.16.0. For more information about the framework structure and the config system, please refer to the mmsegmentation documentation and the mmcv documentation.

The most relevant files for FLFormer are:


This project is based on the following open-source projects. We thank their authors for making the source code publically available.

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