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A 99-player last-bird-flapping battle royale

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Flappy Royale

A HTML5 Game, built to be embedded in apps using Phaser 3.


Clone, and run yarn install, run yarn start to load up into the app:

cd flappy-battle
yarn install
code .
yarn start

To build this app you will need access to our assets git submodule, I'm afraid we're not giving out access to that. So, think of this as a resource for learning from and not really for sending PRs to. Sorry, but games are just too easily cloned when the bar is that low.

Key Tech

To grok the codebase entirely, you'll see:

  • Phaser 3
  • TypeScript
  • Webpack
  • Firebase (DB/Functions/Hosting)


  1. Running yarn build will create a dist folder, which is the game statically compiled.
  2. Running yarn deploy will:
  • Update all functions
  • Compile your app in webpack
  • Ship the webpack build to firebase hosting


The site for the app lives inside the web/ folder.

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